Our local NHS waiting lists have risen by 2515 since last year 

16 Jan 2024



Waiting lists for our trust now stand at 107945 cases: up from the 105340 when he made that pledge.

The  Conservative party has slashed real-terms NHS funding by billions: the effect of inflation means that the NHS budget will have been cut by £3.5 billion (2.1%) in real terms this year, and is set to fall by another £1.3 billion (0.8%) next year.

South East Staffordshire’s Liberal Democrats are calling on the Conservative government to reverse the NHS spending cuts and invest in fixing local hospitals, hiring more staff and ensuring patients get the treatment they deserve.

These shocking figures show far too many people here are being left waiting endlessly in pain for treatment. People deserve a local health service that delivers the care they deserve when they need it.

One year on from when Rishi Sunak promised that waiting lists would fall, thousands of people in our community are still stuck on waiting lists with their lives put on hold or unable to work.

Now this government is doing the unthinkable and slashing NHS funding even further.

It shows the Conservative Party cannot be trusted with the NHS. We need a general election now so voters can finally get rid of this out-of-touch Conservative government and elect  Liberal Democrat MPs who will stand up for local health services.